Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shiso forest park

After leaving the observatory we headed a short distance along the expressway towards Osaka to a new forest park in Shiso city. Finding the park was slightly awkward because it was built after car navigation was made so it was not marked.

The park has a monorail which climbs 300m up a hill to a picnic area on the top and some trails in the woods. The ride is free but you have to book in advance.

The monorail

We had lunch on the top and had a short walk to the top. There were some Japanese maples planted next to the monorail which had started to turn. There were only a couple of trees so no wide angle shots presented them selves. The best I could come up with was a shot directly upwards.

A Japanese Maple

On the top was an over architected lookout post.

Lookout post on the top

The highlight of the park was hunting for freshwater crabs in the small river near the car park at the bottom. We then headed back home.

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