Friday, October 16, 2009

Joruriji and Gansenji

Monday was a national holiday (health and sports day) and in the afternoon we went back to the area near Joruriji to explore some of the trails in that area. The trees had slightly more colour than last time but still not the full autumn colours. We looked briefly in Joruriji where I took a couple of shots of the pagoda again.

The pagoda at Joruriji

We then walked towards Gansenji, another temple in the nearby. The whole area has many stone carvings dotted around the forest and fields. The path to Gansenji went up a small hill through a wood and past fields. Near the path we found a couple of enormous mushrooms, the top must have been at least 20 cm in diameter.

Large mushroom

Most of the fields were rice fields but some were growing red chillies and a strange yellow fruit/gourd. These were for sale at various stalls near the fields.I have not been able to find out yet what the yellow things were.

Yellow fruit


Chillies for sale outside Gansenji

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