Monday, November 23, 2009

Maples at Mt. Kasagi

 Drab, misty weather this morning cleared up around lunchtime, so after spending all weekend in the house we decided to go out and visit Mt. Kasagi where they were having a momiji matsuri (Maple Festival.) Mt Kasagi is just a short drive from us in southern Kyoto prefecture along the side of the Kizugawa river. There is steep path up the side of the mountain to a temple on the top. We visited a couple of years ago and I have been meaning to go back.

Although they were having a maple festival there was only one small area with maple trees, but  there was somewhere for the children to play while I took pictures.

At the entrance to the temple there was a small tree which seemed to need photographing, with a large gate in the background.

On the way back down the mountain we took the road, which went past another large maple, lit be the sun which had almost dissapeared below the horizon. This maple was a glorious red.

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